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Foldable Baby Elfie Drone

Foldable Baby Elfie Drone

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Now taking amazing high quality 720p HD videos from mid-air is possible for a reasonable price with the Baby Elfie. The Baby Elfie is the first high quality drone that is pocket sized, allowing you to take it to those hard to reach spots to capture those once in a lifetime videos or selfies.

While it’s compact enough to fold up and fit in your pocket we send it out with its own custom fit carrying case. There is no other drone that is as compact and high quality as the Baby Elfie. As with more expensive drones the Baby Elfie comes with the ability to watch your flight in real-time with FPV WiFi view right on your smartphone.

The Baby Elfie’s G-Sensor control allows you to use your smartphone's G-Sensor to control the drone by tilting your device.While the Baby Elfie takes amazing videos and pictures, it can also put on an aerial acrobatic show by performing 3D with amazing agility.

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